“In Melody’s class, the vibe was less icy, more approachable, less perfectionist. Don’t get me wrong. As a perfectionist, part of the reason I like ballet is that it feeds that inner need for validation with clear standards. But when you’re first learning for recreation or fitness, that can be incredibly intimidating on top of all the new vocabulary and movements that get thrown at you in even beginning classes. What I appreciate about Melody’s approach is that it makes that door to ballet a bit wider, which means more people get to experience its unique combination of physical, emotional, and mental stimulation.”
— http://www.atthebarreandbeyond.com/ballet-fitness-at-home-with-melody-smith-of-ballet-24/

Ballet Student, Ashley Davis:

Just writing a little note of praise to one of my favorite teachers... Melody Smith - I absolutely LOVE her classes! I grew up with a classical ballet background and I love how she incorporates fun indie music and moves with classic technique.
Plus, her classes are the BEST dance therapy after a stressful day at work - I always leave with a huge smile and always feel great about myself after going. She also does a really awesome job of making class enjoyable for both new dancers and experienced ones alike. Mel is such a beautiful dancer and her fun personality is always infectious to everyone else... don’t know what I’d do without her classes each week! :)

A video review from Meaghan Janger and her girls.