Ballet 24 Is For Every Body

Welcome to Ballet 24!

I’m Melody Smith, the founder and CEO. I have been a practicing ballerina for 26 years, and a teacher of ballet for the last 13 years. I created Ballet 24 because I have a mission: I want to teach ballet to anyone who wants to learn.  

Movement is not just a luxury, it is a necessity. Ballet technique utilizes all the muscles of the body and blends agility, strength, and precision in a way that no other training can replicate. For this reason, ballet requires careful practice. Many people can be intimidated by the training, but I am here to make ballet accessible for everyone.

  • I want to teach the people who say they should take a class, but leaving the house takes too much energy.
  • I want to teach people who are awake for no reason at 3 am, and who think moving sounds preferable to netflix.
  • I want to teach the revolutionaries who know that real change comes from within and that making art is a productive and self-fulfilling act of rebellion.
  • I want to teach the moms who give all their spare time and energy away and who need an outlet, even if it has to be in the living room while everyone else is sleeping.
  • I want to teach the person who always wanted be a dancer but never got the chance to train.
  • I want to teach the person deep in grief who needs a break from the mental anguish.
  • I want to teach the person who has a pastry addiction and needs to burn off the 7 cookies they just ate.
  • I want to teach the person who really loves leg warmers…and heavy hip hop.

The mental and physical benefits of treating yourself to learning and practicing ballet will transform your body and mind for the better. Thank you for showing up and doing something good for your whole body and whole mind. I can’t wait to go on this journey with you.