How does the subscription work?

Once you subscribe you will receive a link to the password protected full class archive wth over 100 full length classes. You will also receive an email with all the full length classes divided into playlists by type so that you can easily access what you are looking for. The full classes range from 30min-90min in length and hosted via a private Youtube link. If you would like Melody can also help you structure a personalized program so that you can reach your goals efficiently. 


Do I need equipment for these workouts?

No equipment is required- just comfortable clothes and an internet connection. Some workouts will have a barre element, but you can easily use the back of a chair or a kitchen counter, or even a wall for support. 


How many classes are uploaded in a week?

I upload a free mini class every week to my youtube channel, which you can find here, as well as a full workout that goes out exclusively to my subscribers- if you want both workouts, sign up whenever you're ready!


How do we find the playlist you're listening to during the workout? 

For every workout video, there is a spotify playlist of the music I use. I will have each playlist linked below in the description of my youtube videos, so you can click the links and find the same music easily. If you want all the music I've ever used in ANY workout video, check out my spotify account and follow me there. 


I have an injury, can I still workout to these videos? 

Although these videos are low impact, you should always consult your doctor before attempting a new fitness regimen. You should never feel sharp pain or strain in your joints- mild discomfort from muscle soreness is normal, so pay attention to your own body.